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Trump Signs Sanctions Law Over China Crackdown of Uyghurs

Deutsche Welle

Donald Trump has signed into law an act that authorizes sanctions against Chinese officials over the mass incarceration of Uyghur Muslims. The move is likely to deliver a fresh blow to the already tense U.S.-China ties.


Chinese Pastor Wang Yi Given 9 Year Sentence on State Subversion

Voice of America

Human rights activists say verdict paints bleak picture of government-led persecution of religious groups under Chinese President Xi Jinping.


US Congress Condemns China for Treatment of Uyghurs

Deutsche Welle

A U.S. bill that describes Beijing's treatment of Muslim minorities as "gross violations" of human rights has been overwhelmingly supported. China has refuted the claims, saying they are merely trying to combat terrorism.


International Day of the Disappeared: CCP Is the Worst Offender of the Year

Dinah Gardner

On the International Day of the Disappeared, China is seen as the worst perpetrator of state-sanctioned enforced disappearances this year.


ANALYSIS: Lee Ming-che's Release Is Being Complicated by Chinese Belligerence

New Bloom

Speculation that China would negotiate with the KMT for the quiet release of the Taiwanese democracy advocate feels like ancient history.


After Fan Bingbing & Meng Hongwei, Nobody Is Safe in Xi Jinping's China

Global Voices

Both the starlet and the cop are victims of Xi's newest repression tactic: liuzhi, or retention in custody.

AP_172291242348 劉曉波

Persecuted (Almost) to the End: China, Let Liu Xiaobo Leave

Jackie Sheehan

'The struggle for proper protection of citizens’ rights in China will shortly have to go on without Liu Xiaobo, one of its most thoughtful, decent, and eloquent proponents.'

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