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‘Partner, Competitor, and Systemic Rival’: EU’s Strategical Ambiguity On China

Tatiana Van den Haute

The European Union maintains a strategical relationship of “ambiguity” with China, in order to retain trade deals and diplomacy with China while staying aligned with Western democratic values.


Small Powers Caught in the US–China Chips Competition

East Asia Forum

The industry subsidy programs of China, the United States, and the European Union are collectively bigger than the GDP of four-fifths of the world’s nations. International institutions argued they pose a particular problem for smaller economies, which cannot begin to match them.


China’s Ukraine Peacemaking Aims to Court Europe

East Asia Forum

Beijing’s decision to play a more active peacemaking role is part of a push to improve its troubled relations with Europe, which has long accused it of refusing to help end the conflict.


Swedish Prime Minister Says Tensions in Taiwan Strait Affect Europe

TNL Staff

In October, the prime minister voiced concerns about China’s military threats to Taiwan in his inaugural address to the parliament.


Indonesia, Malaysia Deploy Ministers To Push Back on EU Palm Oil Restrictions


The world’s two biggest palm oil producers have long protested EU policies against palm oil, calling them discriminatory and protectionist of Europe’s own oilseeds industry.


Von Der Leyen To Lay Out EU’s Position on China

Deutsche Welle

Ahead of her first official visit to Beijing, the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addresses Europe’s fraught relationship with China.


China Urges Russia-Ukraine Cease-fire and Peace Talks

Deutsche Welle

China’s 12-point position paper on the war in Ukraine comes amid Western accusations Beijing is considering supplying arms to Russia. Western leaders have questioned Beijing’s willingness to mediate and its credibility as a mediator.


Can ASEAN Benefit From the EU’s Green Agriculture Push?

Deutsche Welle

The EU wants to champion “green agriculture” in Southeast Asia. But limited trade relations, regulatory nightmares, and distrust could stymie it.


European Institutional Complexities and EU-Taiwan Relations

East Asia Forum

The European Union and its member states are enhancing their political relations with Taiwan, but it comes more expressly from the action of their legislative branches rather than their executive actors.

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