Experts: A Girl and Missiles Are North Korea’s Way To Perpetuate Regime

Voice of America

Analysts believe Ju Ae’s appearance is meant to let the world know Kim Jong Un’s military achievements will be transferred to successive generations to ensure the survival of his regime for years to come.


The Korean Peninsula: Why 2023 Will Not Be Like 2017

The Interpreter

With Pyongyang provoking with purpose, the temperament of the White House will determine whether there will be a a repeat of the 2017 days of “fire and fury.”


Worth a Thousand Words: What Kim Jong‑Un’s Daughter Photo Tells

The Interpreter

The appearance of Kim’s daughter at an ICBM launch underscores how the regime sees its nuclear weapons program as a fixture and that the North Korean leadership is willing and prepared to continue on this path.


As Biden Leaves Asia, North Korea Launches ICBM, Other Missiles

Voice of America

North Korea test-fired three ballistic missiles, including what appeared to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, hours after U.S. President left South Korea.


North Korea Says It Tested an ICBM. Here's Why That's a Big Deal


Here's what to know about ICBMs, and why a successful test would be such a big deal.

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