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The Forgotten Victims of the White Terror

Bart Dashorst

Southeast Asian students were victims of White Terror in Taiwan, too. A narrow Taiwan-centric history can unfortunately neglect their stories.


How to Understand the Confusing Spellings of Romanized Chinese Names


The different ways Singaporean-Malaysian Chinese communities transliterate names reflect the region's cultural diversity.


Malaysian Singer's 'Motherland' Comments Stir Chinese Introspection


When Malaysian singer Priscilla Abby referred to China as her 'motherland' on a Chinese TV show, it whipped the overseas Chinese community into a frenzy.


Chinese Students in Australia Often Feel Isolated, Disappointed

The Interpreter

Chinese students pay big money to study Down Under, but many come away without the cosmopolitan experience they were expecting.


Chinese Film 'Wolf Warriors 2' Speaks to Overseas Chinese

Cinema Escapist

'Wolf Warriors 2' breathes new life into the Chinese action genre and appeals to foreign-born Chinese in the process.


After Abduction, Chinese Students Abroad Weigh Safety of US

Guo Quanzhi

With Zhang Yingying’s disappearance dominating U.S. headlines and Chinese social media, the focus turns to what can be done to prevent future incidents.


Why China’s Overseas Academics Loath to Return Home

Nina Huang

With more favorable advancement opportunities at Western universities, China must re-evaluate how it plans to bring its best and brightest back.

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