Why the WHO Needs Taiwan

The Interpreter

Taiwan is again blocked from attending the World Health Assembly amid a sustained campaign by Chinese officials to deny it a seat at the table.


Why It Will Soon Be Too Late To Find Out Where the Covid-19 Virus Originated

The Conversation

Time is running out to determine the origin of Covid-19. A member of the WHO virology team tells what can be done now and how this will influence our response to future pandemics.


Overcoming the Next Challenges in Taiwan’s Vaccination Campaign

Patrick Ng

As Taiwan’s government is stepping up to secure vaccine supplies from global manufacturers, it should boost confidence in domestically-produced vaccines by asking the companies to kick off Phase III trials.


Covid Vaccination Rate ‘Must Increase Rapidly’, WHO, Red Cross Warn

Voice of America

WHO warns that global vaccination efforts need to be stepped up as Myanmar experiences ‘crippling Covid-19 crisis’


#LetTaiwanHelp: What Taiwan’s Hashtag Diplomacy Is About

Jenny Li

#LetTaiwanHelp was orchestrated to promote a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate, but its origins are much deeper.


US Rallies Support to Back Taiwan's WHO Bid

Voice of America

The US move is seen as an open rebuke to China, which has been blocking Taiwan's representation at WHO meetings


OPINION: Taiwan’s Covid-19 Success Should Inspire Alternatives to the WHO


Instead of the WHO, the WMA ought to be considered as a channel for international exchange for Taiwan.


In Myanmar, Betel Quid Chewing Remains Popular Despite Risks

Voice of America

Myanmar can't seem to kick Betel quid chewing, a collective addiction that causes terminal illness among other alarming health issues.


UN Aviation Agency Slammed for Excluding Taiwan From Virus Policies

Jeremy Van der Haegen

Critics pointed out that Taiwan is being excluded by a UN civil aviation agency from important air safety information. The organization responded by mass blocking them.

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