Pro-democracy movement.


Hong Kong: Pro-Democracy Activists Kept in Custody

Deutsche Welle

A Hong Kong court has ordered 47 pro-democracy activists to be held behind bars as they await trial in late May. Though 15 were initially granted bail in a marathon arraignment hearing, that decision is now under review.


Political Repression and Authoritarian Legalism in Hong Kong

East Asia Forum

Defenders of Hong Kong’s legal system will insist that judicial independence is a prerequisite for the region’s continued wellbeing, but Beijing may reason that modern China has done well enough with its captive courts.


Hong Kong: 10 Defendants Face Trial Over Attempt To Flee Country

Deutsche Welle

The trial of 10 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists alleged to have fled the territory for Taiwan has opened amid international pressure.


Reshaping Hong Kong Continues With Pro-Democracy Lawmaker Crisis: Analysis

Voice of America

In Hong Kong, after four pro-democracy lawmakers were removed from office and 15 resigned, there is now no legal opposition within the Legislative Council.


#FreeAgnes Campaign Shows Solidarity With Hong Kong Activists

Daphne K. Lee

Agnes Chow, a well-known Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, has received strong displays of solidarity from supporters in Japan.


How Hong Kong Activists Are Sustaining Pro-Democracy Movement in Taiwan

James X. Morris

After a year of intense protesting, Hong Kong activists in Taiwan are shifting gears, organizing a group called Hong Kong Outlanders to encompass art, education, and lobbying of government figures to sustain interest in their cause.


Singing a Revolution: Pop, Politics, and the Umbrella Movement

Dr Ivy Man

The genre of Canto-pop has exceeded expectations, becoming more than just a popular music genre. It has provoked thought, sung for the people of Hong Kong, and time and time again has held a mirror to the SAR’s socio-political sentiments and local identity.

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