South Korea


North Korea Space Launch Fails After Rocket Crashes Into Sea

Deutsche Welle

Authorities in Japan and South Korea lifted evacuation warnings not long after the launch. North Korea had previously announced its intention to launch a military spy satellite.


South Korea Seeks To Join Efforts to Counter China’s Economic Coercion

Voice of America

China engaged in 123 cases of economic coercion worldwide between February 2010 and March 2022, according to a think tank.


Should Taiwan Consider a Runoff System for Presidential Elections?

Timothy S. Rich

Parties in Taiwan are unlikely to support the introduction of a runoff system in the upcoming three-way race.


Experts: China Finds Threat in Latest Move by US-South Korea Alliance

Voice of America

From China’s point of view, President Yoon Suk Yeol is expanding South Korea’s military reach — or seems to be — into the Taiwan Strait, experts say.


US-South Korea State Visit Could Feature Quiet Talks on China

Voice of America

South Korea used to be shy to talk about Taiwan and reluctant to get involved in contentions between the U.S. and China, but experts say this might be changing.


Japan and South Korea: A Logical but Uneasy Alignment

The Interpreter

Is a compensation deal to right colonial-era wrongs part of a strategic shift towards rapprochement?


The Sky Is No Longer the Limit: Australia and East Asia in Space

The Interpreter

East Asia offers an example of the enduring power and role of government, in which the Government-Space business relationship is well positioned to ensure the industry’s growth is sustainable, not just driven by private interests.


‘The Novelist’s Film’ Reveals the Solitude of the Artist

CJ Sheu

‘The Novelist’s Film’ shows how the artistic life is incomprehensible to the outsider.


Asia’s Coming Demographic Divergence

East Asia Forum

The growing symbiosis between South Korea and Vietnam is an excellent example of Asia’s demographic interconnectedness, as South Korea continues to locate its lower-cost manufacturing operations in other countries.


Why North Korea Is Denying Its Involvement in Russia’s War in Ukraine

The Interpreter

Pyongyang appears to be a reluctant participant in Putin’s brutal offensive in Eastern Europe.

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