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President Yoon’s Dismal Approval Ratings Create Challenges Going Forward

Timothy S. Rich

A recent survey found that only 15.15% of South Koreans approve of President Yoon Suk Yeol's job performance, while 63.08% disapprove. This decline in popularity is due to his lack of a legislative majority and policy blunders.


South Korea Frees Watercraft-Riding Dissident — for Now

Voice of America

Chinese dissident Kwon Pyong, who fled to South Korea on a watercraft, has been released after 3 months in detention.


South Korea’s Outcry Over Fukushima Wastewater Distracts the Public from Domestic Woes

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows that the Koreans are more concerned about Japan’s Fukushima nuclear wastewater than a similar woe which may be resulted from their domestic plants.


Survey: South Korea’s LGBT Community Faces a Hurdled Road to Same-Sex Equality

Timothy S. Rich

A recent survey showed broad opposition to same-sex marriage in South Korea, with age and political affiliation playing a role and the lasting power of Protestants in the country.


South Korea, Japan Aim To Stabilize China Relations Despite US Partnership

Voice of America

Analysts suggest that China is concerned about the closer alignment of Japan and South Korea with the US and Europe in reducing its access to cutting-edge technologies.


Taiwan’s Slow-Growing Minimum Wage for Manufacturing Labour is Dragging its Economy Behind

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s suppressed minimum wages have made its manufacturing profits grow one of the fastest among advanced countries but, at the same time, hampered Taiwan’s overall economic growth.


China’s Waning Leverage Over South Korea Lessens Chances of Retaliation Against THAAD, Experts Say

Voice of America

Even with its reduced economic leverage, experts said China would likely continue its military aggression to exert leverage over South Korea.


South Koreans Become a Year or Two Younger Overnight

Deutsche Welle

A new law has scrapped South Korea’s traditional age-counting system, meaning people have to recalculate their ages. A third system will, however, remain in place.


South Korea Has the Lowest Fertility Rate in the World – And That Doesn’t Bode Well for Its Economy

The Conversation

For immigration to offset South Korea’s declining fertility rate, the number of foreign workers would likely need to rise almost tenfold.


Survey Finds Concern With US-China Tensions Among Asian Countries

Voice of America

Experts say the results should serve as a reminder to Americans that there are a variety of perspectives on the U.S.-China rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region.

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