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How Did Fire EX Become a Symbol of Taiwan’s Youth Activism?

Taiwan Insight

Fire EX, a Taiwanese band that rose to popularity during the Sunflower Movement, is forging a Taiwanese identity for the progressive, democratic generation.


Will We See More Taiwanese Faces in K-Pop?

Olivia Han

What's more attractive to young Taiwanese music talents - South Korea or Taiwan?


How Can Taiwan's Pop Music Enter the Global Market?

Taiwan Insight

How can Taiwan step up its game in promoting local pop music overseas?


Inside Taiwan's Indie Music Scene: Is It Truly 'Independent'?

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan's indie scene has coalesced with the mainstream, sometimes muddying the distinction between 'indie' and 'independent.'


An Ode to Lo Ta-yu, a Taiwanese Cultural Icon & Mandopop Legend

Asia Dialogue

Lo Ta-yu rose to superstardom in the 1980s and continues to influence Mandopop and Taiwanese music to this day.


Reality Check: Are Chinese Televised Singing Competitions Good for Mandopop?

Asian Pop Weekly

Chinese singing competitions display the proud legacy of Mandopop to their billions of viewers. However, they may be deflating the value of originality in music.


Reality Check: How Chinese Singing Shows Create Content, Not Stars

Asian Pop Weekly

The singing competitions taking over Chinese TV shift the Mandopop balance of power to China, but fail to prop up the future careers of their contestants.


Reality Check: Chinese Televised Singing Competitions and Brand China

Asian Pop Weekly

China's televised singing competitions are taking the world by storm and doing wonders for brand China, but there's more to Mandopop than what you see on screen.


INTERVIEW: Taiwanese Waves’ Mia Yen on Bringing Taiwanese Music to New York

Jocelle Koh

One woman is on a mission to take Taiwan's leading musical talent to a wider audience in New York.

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