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The Importance of Pride: Supporting LGBTQ Rights in Asia

The Interpreter

The recent Sydney WorldPride was a milestone moment in connecting a regional and global movement. However, the growing LGBTQ collective movements in Asia, do not guarantee proportionate or linear improvements in the lives of LGBTQ people in the region.


Malaysian Authorities Seize Rainbow Swatch Watches

Deutsche Welle

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia and many LGBT events and symbols are suppressed.


The Year's Only In-Person Workplace Pride Was Just Held in Taipei

Rath Wang

The event was a demonstration of two pillars of Taiwan's cultural diplomacy: its successful Covid-19 response, and its progress in LGBT equality.


The Struggle for LGBT Adoption Rights: An Interview With Reese Li

Sean Pan

Reese Li of Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy (TLFRA) explains the contours of the struggle for adoption rights for gay couples.


Past and Present: 20 Years of LGBT Movement in Singapore

Jolovan Wham

The LGBT community in Singapore is still fighting to repeal the discriminatory Section 377A of the Penal Code, but it has inspired the society to be more accepting and open in the past two decades.


Ahead of Pride, Taiwan Still Waits for Same-sex Marriage

David Green

Despite the decision of Taiwan's constitutional court to amend Taiwan's Civil Code in favor of same-sex marriage in May, the country's institutions are dragging their feet on implementing legislation.


Pioneering Queer Artists Opening Vietnam to Gay Culture

Cristina Nualart

Truong Tan’s breakout work might not have changed laws directly, but they certainly played a part in encouraging other artists to attempt resistance and overcome self-censorship.

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