Biden Meets Chinese Premier on G20 Sidelines

Voice of America

U.S. President Joe Biden expressed his intention to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, despite a 10-month gap in communication.


Vietnam’s First Metro, in Hanoi, Hobbled by Lack of Riders

Voice of America

It took 10 years for the metro line to enter service, but the value of the controversial project is being questioned.


VIETNAM: Pham Anh's Viral Oil Paintings Portray Hanoi's Inimitable Serenity


Journey through Hanoi's meandering, tranquil alleys courtesy of Vietnamese artist Pham Anh.


Netflix Series 'BoJack Horseman' Just Devoted an Episode to Vietnam


The popular animated series recently traveled to Hanoi on a roots-finding adventure.


Shifting Alliances Leave Vietnam Lonesome in South China Sea

Alexander L. Vuving

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte's pivot to China and standoffishness towards Hanoi has left Vietnam isolated in the South China Sea.


Pioneering Queer Artists Opening Vietnam to Gay Culture

Cristina Nualart

Truong Tan’s breakout work might not have changed laws directly, but they certainly played a part in encouraging other artists to attempt resistance and overcome self-censorship.

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