Film review


‘Formosa Betrayed’ Barely Scratches the Surface of Taiwan’s History

CJ Sheu

‘Formosa Betrayed’ tries to build a political thriller around a mystery in an unknown land ruled with an iron fist. It’s empty didacticism — and less than thrilling.


‘Microhabitat’ Is an Ozu Adaptation in Both Story and Heart

CJ Sheu

No matter how desperate Mi-so’s situation is, she’s always more concerned for those around her. Our view of her suggests that the critique is not just of modernity, but of contemporary capitalism.


‘Blue Bayou’ Achingly Dramatizes Plight of US Transnational Adoptees, but Will it Resonate Today?

Anthony Kao

Asian American director Justin Chon’s latest film offers an artistic take on a tragic loophole in U.S. immigration law—but how will Biden-era America receive it?


'The Good Daughter' Is an Indictment of Global Capital, Patriarchy, Racism

Peter Buckets

'The Good Daughter' depicts Azhe’s defiance as she's caught up in capitalism, patriarchy, and racism.


2020 Is Wild. 'Bacurau' Is Wilder.

CJ Sheu

'Bacurau' starts with a truckload of coffins spilled across the road and ends with a burial. It's a wild tale well told.


Tsai Ming-liang's 'Days': A Diary of Connection and Loneliness

CJ Sheu

Tsai Ming-liang's new film 'Days' makes us nostalgic for a time when loneliness and alienation had a romantic tinge.


‘Tigertail’: A Stillborn Romantic Idea

Daphne K. Lee

Alan Yang's feature debut explores a slew of important themes but fails to tell a coherent story.


'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' Defies the Male Gaze in Cinema

CJ Sheu

"Portrait of a Lady on Fire," which won Best Screenplay at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, is a passionate film that explores the female gaze and female desire with various art forms.


Film Review: 'The Garden of Evening Mists'

Daphne K. Lee

The Garden of Evening Mists is a film we can watch and rewatch, and still can’t stop savoring the beauty of it like the Chopin record that never leaves the record player.


‘Detention’: A Clichéd Salute to Freedom

Daphne K. Lee

“Detention” is a bold attempt to explore a sensitive topic but fails to achieve much beyond scratching the surface with its clichéd plot and didactic screenplay.

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