China’s Ban on Micron Chips Will Only Hurt Itself

Ian Murphy

China’s political game isn’t working out in its favor. Instead of harming Micron and influencing U.S. policy, the ban will harm Chinese buyers.


On the Use of Digital Identity in Asia (1) – Digital ID in Taiwan


Taiwan's plan to issue digital identification cards in July has been suspended due to calls to establish a legal basis. But civic organizations have raised other concerns for the policy.


Banning Huawei Is Not the Best Solution for Global Cybersecurity

East Asia Forum

Some countries have banned Huawei due to its cyber intrusion risk, but is it the only way to protect personal data and critical information infrastructure?

任正非:華為進入戰時狀態 調整戰略方針

OPINION: Taiwan Should Treat Huawei as a National Security Threat

David Evans

Huawei's low-cost economic benefits are no longer sufficient for Taiwan to overlook the security risks it poses.


Could Israel Be a Model for Taiwan's Burgeoning Cybersecurity Industry?

Asia Dialogue

Israel and Taiwan share considerable commonalities, giving Taiwan's developing cybersecurity industry ample learning opportunities.


Taiwan Gathers to Repel China's 'Hard Power in Soft Power Glove'

Nick Aspinwall

Taiwanese officials and regional academics put forth responses to Chinese 'sharp power,' cyberattacks and 'fake news.'


OPINION: It's Time to Move Past Outdated Notions of Cyberspace and Cybersecurity

Policy Forum

The conversation about cybersecurity must evolve to take account of state actors intent on furthering strategic aims.


TAIWAN: Keeping the Internet of Things Safe and Secure

Toys, cars and even refrigerators are being hooked up to the internet, but more must be done to stop your appliances turning into botnets.

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