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A Trio of Taiwan's Offbeat Hotels

'Taiwan boasts an outsized number of hotels whose weirdness is either immediately evident or lies just beneath the surface.'


Visiting the Real Mongolia

Although many travelers from Taiwan visit the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, true adventures seekers don’t settle for Mongolia-light, writes Tim Ferry.


On the Front Lines of Taiwan's History in Kinmen

Once the focal point of hostilities between China and Taiwan, the Kinmen archipelago has evolved into a fascinating tourist destination.


INFOGRAPHIC: There are More Foreign Women than Men in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

Taiwan has more foreign women than men, but this is not equal among the nations.


Taiwan’s Rivers: Where History, Culture and Travelers Meet

Steven Crook

Discovering the stories along Taiwan's rivers and where to visit during summer.

In the Shade: Exploring Taipei's 'Little Indonesia'

In the Shade: Exploring Taipei's 'Little Indonesia'

James Baron

Check out the mouth-watering offerings and curious bicultural idiosyncrasies in Taipei's little slice of Jakarta.


Instagram Snaps of Japanese Foods You May Not Have Heard Of

Sarah Lee Stones

While most people are familiar with sushi and Japanese sweet potato, there are a lot of more adventurous Japanese foods out there. If you're looking to try something new and exciting, Japan has plenty to offer.


Foot Massage Pushes All the Right Buttons

Steven Crook

Taiwan continues to embrace this 2,000-year-old tradition and it is now popular among locals and travelers.


Dive Shipwrecks in Taiwan Without Leaving the City

David Green

'Divecube is the only place in central Taiwan to get a diving license, unless you want to go and give it a try in Taichung harbor.'


No Concrete Plan for Foreigner Train Ticket Hike in Taiwan Despite Minister's Musings

ZiQing Low

There are no concrete plans for the price hike for now, and the focus is on rail infrastructure upgrade for the time being.

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