National League for Democracy


No International-backed End in Sight to the Misery in Myanmar

East Asia Forum

The most likely outcome in Myanmar is that longstanding hesitation about entanglement in a wider war will discourage foreign players from taking more aggressive, interventionist approaches.


Exiled Physician Fighting for a Better Myanmar

Voice of America

“The origin of the legitimacy is really with the will of the people of Myanmar,” said a minister of Myanmar’s shadow government formed in the wake of the coup. “The U.N.’s duty is to uphold the will of the people of Myanmar. That is the obligation.”


Myanmar Communities in Taiwan Protest Military Coup After ‘Deadliest Day’

Voice of America

Gathered at Taipei’s Liberty Square, demonstrators sat for hours singing songs, holding anti-coup posters, and waving the Myanmar national flag.


Myanmar’s Empty Promise of Constitutional Reform

The Interpreter

Democracy campaigners tried to play by the military’s rules. They suffered for it anyway.

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