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Chinese Ecotourists Head to Colombia in Pursuit of Rare Cock-of-the-Rock

Diálogo Chino

'We spent a lot of money and time to come here, including an 18-hour flight and many hours on the road. All this effort to get here, but it paid off the instant we saw the bird.'


BOOK EXCERPT: How Taiwan Changed a Xinjiang Mother

TNL Staff

My mom’s trip to Taiwan was a major turning point in her life, opening up a new travel-obsessed chapter. In her old pictures she’d be looking askance, lips shut, not a trace of a smile. Now she looks right at the camera, mouth wide in a smile. She even throws up a peace sign every now and then.


Chinese Tourism Needn’t Come at Expense of Local Culture

Vicky Wang

Foreign destinations can court Chinese visitors without having to sacrifice their native flavor.


China’s Tourism Industry Riding the ‘Silver Wave’

Qian Zhecheng

With abundant free time and a lifetime’s worth of savings, senior citizens constitute an increasingly attractive market for travel companies.


Nepal Seeing Rising Tourism from China

Bibek Bhandari

The Himalayan nation’s travel industry is transforming to accommodate the growing thirst for adventure from its northern neighbor.


The Coming Wake-Up Call for China’s Tourism Industry

Li Zhi

Crowds of visitors to the country’s scenic areas have investors taking rash, risky and unsustainable decisions.


Deadly Taiwan Bus Crash Leads to Soul-Searching

Yuan-ling Liang

While the direct cause of the July 19 accident in Taoyuan is still under investigation, some say that end-to-end services might be to blame.

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