Global climate change


For US, Taiwan Is a Climate Ally, Not a Pawn

Alex Barker

It is hard to ethically justify trading away the rights of Taiwan’s 24 million people in exchange for Chinese commitments to reduce carbon output by a few percentage points.


Persistent Extreme Heat and Air Pollution Threaten Global Health

The Conversation

The frequency of days with both extreme heat and pollution – and the number of people that will be affected by those days – could massively increase by 2050.


Indonesia Must Stop Its Coal Plant Building Spree By 2020 to Meet Climate Goals


Indonesia must stop building coal-fired power plants by next year if it’s to keep up its commitments to the Paris climate agreement, according to a new analysis.


India's Ongoing Water Crisis Impacts 600 Million People

The Interpreter

Indian cities are forced to truck in drinking water, farms are failing, and the situation grows more desperate.


Indonesian Citizens Sue Government Over Severe Air Pollution


A group of citizens is suing the Indonesian government over the world's filthiest air quality.


Coming to Terms with China's Climate Policy

Mark Beeson

The global economy and the global environment are increasingly affected by what China’s leaders do.


Trump’s Exit of Paris Climate Accord Strengthens China and Europe

Henrik Selin.

On global climate change cooperation and a growing number of other foreign policy issues, American exceptionalism now increasingly means that the United States stands largely alone in the world.

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