19th Party Congress


The End of History: Liberal Democracy or New China Model?

Jinghan Zeng

Jinghan Zeng argues that China is still playing a long ideological game against the West and that 'The End of History' is no longer guaranteed to favor Western liberal democracy.


Here’s How Xi’s Consolidation of Power Could Shape China’s Political Future

Erica Frantz

As Xi Jinping uses his personality to centralize power, he may be more willing to take risks.


Xi Jinping Shatters Hong Kong Handover Illusion

Suzanne Pepper

Chinese President Xi Jinping's report to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China revealed once and for all that Beijing intends to exercise 'comprehensive jurisdiction' over Hong Kong, and that the 1997 promise of '50 years without change' can now be consigned to the dustbin of history.


CARTOON: Beware the Cult of Xi

Stellina Chen

For all the assertions of China's rising power and strength at the ongoing 19th Party Congress in Beijing, the country's inability to reconcile its past and vulnerability to cults of personality point to inherent institutional weakness.


Can China Rein-In Property Speculation?


China’s residential property bubble is helping to sustain economic growth, while increasingly frustrating Chinese citizens. Reforms to taxation arrangements are required, but unlikely in the near term, Xinling Wang writes.


Sudden Leadership Change in Massive Chinese City Signals Xi's Consolidation, Succession Plans

Agence France-Presse

As for Chongqing's new party boss, his path is clear, Chen Daoyin said: 'In the future, he will be (Xi's) successor.'

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