“Ka Joma Lives!”: The Philippines Mourns Exiled Revolutionary Leader

Michael Beltran

Joma Sison, a revolutionary leader in exile, leaves a legacy deeply intertwined with the modern political history of the Philippines.


Some Filipinos Think ‘Biased’ News Site Rappler Should Be Shut Down

Voice of America

At home, Rappler receives little support from Filipinos as journalists and fact-checkers become increasingly vulnerable to attacks from the government and political actors.


Preserve the Truth: Historical Books, Documents in Danger as Marcos Family Returns to Power

Voice of America

Books on martial law have been selling fast in the weeks after Marcos Jr. was elected president over fear that these will be banned or purged.


Marcos-era Torture Victims Try To Derail Son’s Candidacy in Philippine Vote

Voice of America

The younger Marcos refuses to address the atrocities committed when his father was in power and has repeatedly dismissed questions from local reporters about the billions of dollars in unpaid estate taxes that the family owes the government.


Martial Law Victims in the Philippines Challenge Marcos’ Presidential Bid

Voice of America

Cases against Marcos filed on behalf of the victims are piling up at the Commission on Elections. The petitions ask the body to either cancel Marcos’ certificate of candidacy or to disqualify him due to a criminal conviction in 1997 over his failure to file income tax returns decades ago.

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