How Trans Women in Bandung, Indonesia Built New Lives in Covid Economy

Leo Galuh

When Covid-19 began to take hold in Indonesia in March 2020, the trans women community in Bandung suffered. Gardening and community kitchens are some of ways they’ve responded.


A Guide to LGBT Hotspots in Taipei

Jennifer Creery

Jennifer Creery takes a look at some iconic LGBT community spaces in Taipei.


Remembering Chinese Photographer Ren Hang

Liang Chenyu

The late photographer’s bold and sensual work has left an indelible mark on contemporary Chinese art.


Pioneering Queer Artists Opening Vietnam to Gay Culture

Cristina Nualart

Truong Tan’s breakout work might not have changed laws directly, but they certainly played a part in encouraging other artists to attempt resistance and overcome self-censorship.


The Politics of Shaming Gay Sex in Indonesia

Hendri Yulius

'Gay shame is reliant on socially constructed norms, all we need is to detach shame from gay bodies and sexuality ... We can confront that gaze, look at it directly, right into their eyes.' writes Hendri Yulius.

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