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Taiwan Criticizes WHO “Indifference” After Summit Snub

Voice of America

Taiwan was not invited to world health body’s annual meeting and says it is because the WHO has given into pressure from China.


How China Is Controlling the Covid Origins Narrative — Silencing Critics and Locking up Dissenters

The Conversation

The WHO has sent a team to China to investigate the origins of Covid-19, but China's political environment makes a conclusive outcome unlikely.


‘Taiwan’ Blocked in WHO Facebook Video

TNL Staff

Messages that contain the word “Taiwan” are blocked from appearing in the comments section below a live-streaming video of the WHA meeting on Facebook.


OPINION: Taiwan’s Covid-19 Success Should Inspire Alternatives to the WHO


Instead of the WHO, the WMA ought to be considered as a channel for international exchange for Taiwan.

白宮網站請願任WHO秘書長 陳時中:博君一笑

The Coronavirus Is an Opportunity for Taiwan's Disease Prevention Diplomacy

Abby Huang

Taiwan has been "making friends" with other countries by various means even though it cannot export face masks and other supplies. What can Taiwan provide at the moment?

中國春運30億人次出行 添武漢肺炎傳播風險

Chinese Health Officials Report Huge Spike in Cases of New Virus

Voice of America

136 new cases of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus were confirmed in Wuhan over the past three days, and officials still know very little about how it's transmitted.


OPINION: Taiwan’s Exclusion from the WHA is a Detriment to Global Health

Kuo-Chang Huang

China's efforts to ensure Taiwan is excluded from the WHA undermine the global democratic order.


China Shot Itself in the Foot over Taiwan WHA Exclusion, Researcher in Geneva Says

Kai-Yuan (Kyle) Cheng

China’s refusal to allow Taiwan into the world’s biggest annual health meeting has ironically resulted in Taiwan becoming the center of attention, says a Taiwan researcher who was at the forum in Geneva.

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