The Sexist Media Coverage of Jane Lee

Nicholas Haggerty

There is no doubt that sexism was driving a media narrative to gin up attention and web traffic for an undramatic race.


HK Public Broadcaster Suspends Satirical Show After Government Reprimand

Voice of America

Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK was forced to suspend a satirical show and apologize for allegedly insulting the police.


Phnom Penh Post's Sale to PR Firm Ends Editorial Independence

GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Their new owner, Malaysia-based ASIA PR, has close ties to Cambodia's ruling elite.


The Ban that Never Was: Peppa Pig, AI and Porkie Pies

Jules Quartly

AI-inspired Peppa content pushed an online publishing platform into deep water in China, but the headlines missed a deeper argument over whether the state can or should rule on what media people consume.


OPINION: Exploiting Cross-Strait Tensions for Fun and Profit

Michael Turton

Michael Turton argues that international media's crass exploitation of cross-Strait tensions plays right into Beijing's hands.


OPINION: The Strangest China-Taiwan Divide of All Is a Media Creation

Michael Turton

China is adept at feeding a media narrative that casts Taiwan as a cause of friction rather than a blameless victim of aggression from across the Strait.


Bucking a Global Trend, China's Trust in Media Soars

Liang Chenyu

Globally, distrust of media was alarmingly high. However, Chinese viewers seem to trust their media more than you'd think.


China's Media Dying Slow Death under Xi

Graeme Smith

Under President Xi Jinping, China's print media is less than a paper tiger, a far cry from the days when a vigorous press in Guangzhou and beyond challenged Beijing's orthodoxy.


A False Dawn for Media Freedom in Myanmar?

James Gomez

Myanmar faces a range of human rights which needs a free press and activists who can operate peacefully without fear of repercussions.


Free Media Fighting to Stay Alive in Cambodia amid Hun Sen's Latest Crackdown

Mong Palatino

One daily newspaper, two foreign media services and three local radio stations are among those under threat.

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