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Tsai Ing-wen's Energy Policy for Taiwan

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Tsai says that she hopes the KMT can face the facts and do not ignore the real calculation of the cost of nuclear power just to advocate the energy source. The KMT should note how much risk nuclear disaster might bring to the Taiwanese society because these are all unbearable for Taipower itself.

蔡英文, 洪秀柱

The US Has Three Noes for Taiwan's 2016 Presidential Election


Former White House National Security Council (NSC) Senior Director for Asian Affairs Michael J. Green says that Washington D.C. and Taiwan should each have "three Noes." Taiwan's three noes are no surprises, no change of the status quo, and no free rides for the new government.

柯文哲 Ko gestures while answering a question during an interview with Reuters in Taipei

Taipei Mayor Ko Says A Definite Party Alternation in 2016


Ma's government ran the office inappropriately, which resulted in failure of democracy and accumulation of people’s complaints. This led to the outbreak of the Sunflower Movement. The difference between former president Lee Teng-hui and Ma is the latter was unable to guide the power of the people and resolve the issue.

蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen

DPP Presidential Candidate Tsai Ing-wen Emphasizes Domestic Demand and Sports Budget


Tsai stresses that sport is an important national strategy and one of the most fundamental cores of education. It also holds high value, trains professionals and provides job opportunities.


Political Contributions in Taiwan; KMT Relying on Enterprises and DPP on Individuals

Shih Yuan

The KMT receives 80 percent of its political contributions from enterprises, which is around NT$ 130 million (approximately US$ 3.99 million). The DPP relies mostly on individual donations, which stand 73 percent, around NT$ 180 million (approximately US$ 5.53 million).


DPP Presidential Candidate Tsai Ing-wen Addresses Issues in Taiwan


Tsai says, "There was a Japanese governor that said Taiwanese people are difficult to control because they are rebellious. It’s time for us to save our country from the current predicament based on this rebellious determination."


Taiwan Former Vice President Says James Soong Running Will Give Tsai Ing-wen Three Challenges


Former Vice President Annette Lu says she agrees with the saying that Soong running in the presidential election will have a catfish effect. The other two candidates, Tsai and Hong Xiu-zhu, are like lifeless sardines, but putting an aggressive catfish among them will liven them up.


Ministry of Education Says Textbooks of the New Curriculum Have Already Been Printed


The selecting and printing process of the textbooks have been completed, and it is unlikely the enforcement of the curriculum will be delayed.

反黑箱課綱 課綱微調

20-year-old Spokesperson of Curriculum Controversy Commits Suicide


The 20-year-old student of Juang Jing Vocational High School was arrested last week for breaking into Ministry of Education and was ruled a NT$ 20,000 (approximately US$ 600) bail by the court.

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