Weak Yuan Worries Chinese Immigrants in US

Voice of America

The deflation in China, leading to unstable incomes and the depreciation of the yuan, has affected the livelihoods of Chinese people living in the US.

花蓮最美縣道添新亮點 馬賽克拼貼藝術牆

“We Are Not Puppies, We Are Who We Are:” A Voice From the Indigenous Taiwanese Diaspora

Taiwan Insight

“People would only know that you are good at singing and dancing as an Indigenous person, and they are barely interested in who you really are.”


Abandoning Anthropology, From Virginia to Taipei

Daniel Yo-Ling Chen

In the traditional model, anthropologists venture off to their field sites, do their research, and then go back to their home institutions to write up and share their findings. What might a different kind of relationship to Taiwan look like?


Is the Vietnamese Diaspora Key to Canberra-Hanoi Relations?

Emma Connors

‘This is an incredibly interesting but also a challenging time for the identity of the Vietnamese diaspora. There is a lot of change underway.'

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