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Moon Jae-in


As Trump & Kim Meet, the Future of the Korean Peninsula Hangs in the Balance

East Asia Forum

The second Trump-Kim summit is bound to have serious implications for the future of diplomacy on the Korean peninsula.


3rd Moon-Kim Summit: No Guarantees on the Korean Peninsula

The Interpreter

It’s the first follow-up summit between North and South Korean leaders, but will it yield anything of substance?


North and South Korea Meet for Denuclearization Talks


The meeting was a milestone, but the Koreas are still a long way from lasting peace.


President Moon's Wage Increases Pose Fiscal Risk to South Korea

Hwa Ryung Lee

The Moon administration's income-led growth strategy is not without fiscal risk.


Big Business Reform Set to Take Off Again in South Korea

Hwa Ryung Lee

South Korea’s newly elected President Moon Jae-in emphasized the importance of chaebol reform during his campaign


CARTOON: Come Dine With Me, The Korea Special

Stellina Chen

South Korea’s new president has a tough task ahead of him dealing with the competing interests of Trump's US, Xi's China and Kim's North Korea.


Moon Victory Imminent in South Korea

Kyle Pope

As liberal Moon Jae-in looks set to grab the South Korean presidency, Kyle Pope examines the politics that got him into pole position.

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