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#MeTooUyghur: The Mystery of a Uyghur Musician Triggers an Online Campaign

William Yang

While the international community debates the authenticity of a video of Uyghur musician Abdurehim Heyit, an exiled Uyghur in Finland kicks off a new online campaign demanding Beijing to release more evidence of the millions of others who are reportedly detained in Xinjiang’s re-education camps.


No, Uyghurs Are Not Happily 'Singing and Dancing' in Xinjiang

Asia Dialogue

A Sinology expert says we must learn Uyghur history and culture before it is whitewashed by the CCP.


Syria Aims to Win Chinese Support with Exaggerated Numbers of Uighur ISIS Fighters

ZiQing Low

Previous reports suggest about 100 Uighurs are involved in ISIS, but it is hard to verify these numbers due to strict information control in the Xinjiang.

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