Liu Xiaobo


Two Prominent Chinese Rights Activists Jailed for Over a Decade

Voice of America

The heavy sentences of lawyers Xu Zhiyong and Ding Jiaxi are longer than Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo’s 11-year jail term.


INTERVIEW: Fighting for Taiwanese Identity and Human Rights in Norway

David Green

Taiwanese residents in Norway are being designated as Chinese. We speak to the leader of a group of Taiwanese students who intend to protest the case in Norway and at the European Court of Human Rights.


More Reasons Why Chinese Accusations of Western Media Bias Fall Short

Global Voices

Further analysis of Chinese claims that it is victimized by Western media bias fails to prove much beyond the commitment of English-language journalists to document human rights violations in China.


Sculpture Honoring Chinese Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Unveiled in Taipei

Nick Aspinwall

One year after his death in captivity, the Nobel laureate and prominent Chinese dissident was commemorated in a small gathering near Taipei 101.


OPINION: Liu Xia's Release Restricted While Brother Remains Detained

Jerome Alan Cohen

The widow of the Nobel Peace Prize winner is enduring a new form of mental detention while her brother remains retained.

AP_172291242348 劉曉波

Sen. Marco Rubio: An Open Letter to Liu Xia, Widow of Liu Xiaobo


Read the US senator's letter to the Nobel Peace Prize recipient's widow.


Australia's Silence on Liu Xiaobo is Shameful

Elaine Pearson

'As Liu lay dying in the hospital, there was a shameful silence from Australia’s leaders on Liu’s case. Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan, and the U.S. all called on the Chinese authorities to free Liu and allow him and his wife to travel abroad for medical treatment. Australia made so no such call.'


PHOTO STORY: Taiwan Remembers Liu Xiaobo

Shannon Lin

Hundreds gathered near Taipei’s Liberty Square last night to commemorate the life of Liu Xiaobo

RTR24YXN 劉曉波 劉霞

Liu Xiaobo’s Lawyer to Testify before US Congress as Focus Turns to Widow

TNL Staff

As attention now turns to freeing Liu Xia, will the White House pressure China on its human rights abuses?

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