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Everyone Wins With Better Asian AI governance

East Asia Forum

The concentration of power over AI inputs, the tendency of governments to localize and protect key digital assets, and the systematic exclusion of certain groups from accessing the benefits of AI systems are some of the key challenges to effective AI governance in Asia.


Can Politicians Rise Above Partisanship To Address Indonesia’s Environmental Crisis?

East Asia Forum

Politicians in Indonesia have the potential to initiate the systemic changes necessary for environmental management but they face challenges including corruption, overlapping jurisdictions, and the influence of business interests.


'Xi-ism' and Deepening Institutional Decay in China

Carl Minzner

The relevant question is no longer whether the 19th Party Congress will see Xi elevated above Jiang and Hu. Rather, it is: how far will this go?


The Prime Minister or The People: Just Who is Stealing Lunches in Singapore?

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] The Singapore Prime Minister’s fixation on stealing other people’s lunches has raised questions of paranoia, competitiveness, double standards and inequality in Singapore.

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