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US Seeks to ‘Diversify’ China-Dominated Africa Minerals Supply Chain

Voice of America

Washington is seeking to build an alternative critical minerals supply chain in Africa to reduce reliance on China, which currently dominates the processing of minerals needed for clean energy and electric vehicles.


OPINION: Why Foreign Firms Are Struggling in China

Liu Yuanju

An inability to bend the rules hampers foreign firms in competition with their Chinese counterparts.


OPINION: It’s Not oBike, It’s You

Matthew Lubin

It is not only the government’s responsibility to correct residents’ behavior. It is incumbent upon all residents to take on the matter, writes Matthew Lubin.


The Prime Minister or The People: Just Who is Stealing Lunches in Singapore?

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] The Singapore Prime Minister’s fixation on stealing other people’s lunches has raised questions of paranoia, competitiveness, double standards and inequality in Singapore.

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