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When People Disappear in China, They Also Disappear on WeChat

Global Voices

When Ye Jianming, former chairman of CEFC China Energy, disappeared, censors got to work scrubbing his name from WeChat.


China’s ‘Little Pink’ Army Is Gearing Up to Invade the Internet

Jana Meisenholder

Take a moment to understand the '50 Cent Party,' the 'Little Pinks,' and China's influence merchants.


Chinese Internet Users React After Authorities Target Citizens for Using VPNs

Oiwan Lam

Netizens are worried after authorities fined a Guangdong resident for using a VPN.


China's Anti-Christmas Campaign Leaves Citizens Feeling Scrooged

Global Voices

Some municipalities are cracking down on Christmas following a national CCP directive. Bah humbug!


Financial Times Journalist Victor Mallet Barred From Entering Hong Kong


Mallet was denied entry as a tourist one month after Hong Kong authorities refused to renew his work visa.


CARTOON: Google's Dragonfly Buzzes Behind Great Firewall

Stellina Chen

The company that once said it wouldn't be evil has publicly touted its plans to launch a censored search engine in China.


China's State-Run 'Fake News' Clampdown Goes into Overdrive

Global Voices

A new platform backed by China's state media agency called Piyao, meaning 'rumor-squashing,' was launched last week.


EyeCTV's Parody Pokes Fun at the ROC and PRC Alike

Morley J Weston

The parody YouTube channel offers an important platform to highlight the humorous side of cross-Strait relations.

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