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OPINION: Xi Jinping's 'Unification' Demand Shows Tsai Was Right All Along

Hilton Yip

Tsai Ing-wen came under fire for not recognizing the '1992 Consensus,' but Xi's speech last week proved that her strategy was the correct one.


OPINION: Hong Kongers Giving Up as Housing Breaks the Camel's Back

The Interpreter

Hong Kongers are talking about emigrating as it becomes increasingly clear there is nothing 'special' about this administrative region of the PRC.


Beijing‘s Dilemma: What to Do About Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

The three most feared of all future prospects: Hong Kong’s evolving relationship with the mainland; Beijing’s conflation of national and political security; and Beijing’s habit of issuing interpretations that Hong Kong courts now accept they are bound to obey.


CARTOON: HK Elections Show 'One Country, Two Systems' An Empty Promise?

Stellina Chen

'The Hong Kong system shows that what one country, two systems stipulates is fake democracy,' says a DPP legislator.

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