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Is the Success of PUI PUI Guinea Pig Cars Because of Capitalism?

Brian Hioe

The appeal of the children’s show PUI PUI Guinea Pig Cars cannot be denied. It may be a sign of discontent with capitalism in Taiwan.


‘Rat Tribe’: Propping up a Slumless Beijing and the ‘Chinese Dream’

TNL Feature

Beijing appears to be a city without slums. The "Chinese dream" appears to be in reach. But both are illusions propped up by an underclass of workers called the "rat tribe."


Thailand vs Taiwan: Who Wins the Startup Head to Head?

Morley J Weston

A debate between the advantages of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan has Taiwan come out looking alright.


BOOK REVIEW: 'How China Escaped the Poverty Trap' by Yuen Yuen Ang

Duncan Green

In 'How China Escaped the Poverty Trap,' Yuen Yuen Ang turns conventional thinking on its head, exploding myths as to how developing nations can catapult themselves out of poverty.


Why Bike-Sharing in China Is a Myth

Wu Xiaobo

Sharing is the last priority of companies like Mobike and Ofo, which are driven solely by amassing vast customer deposits.

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