Li Keqiang


Xi Cements His Power at Chinese Communist Party Congress – But He Is Still Exposed on the Economy

The Conversation

With a collapsing real estate sector weighing on a stretched banking system, the economy is Xi’s vulnerability.


What Overseas Chinese Citizens Make Of Xi Jinping’s Resignation Rumours

Global Voices

Some say the rumors are meant to spread a false hope that the CCP could solve the legitimacy crisis of the authoritative political system.


China Faces Grim Economic Prospects, Experts Say

Voice of America

Analysts say the slowdown is attributable not only to China’s Covid policies but also to a crackdown on private enterprise, especially in the technology sector.


Chinese Premier to Step Down ahead of Leadership Change

Voice of America

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang compared the increasingly difficult task of managing the economy to climbing a high mountain with “less oxygen.”


ANALYSIS: Trade War Stalemate Threatens Xi's Stranglehold on Power

China Brief

Xi's position atop China's political hierarchy may not be in danger, but the trade war with the United States has drawn out internal skeptics of Xi's economic policy. Could change be afoot in Zhongnanhai?


Wild Rumors and Shoddy Vaccines Rifle Through China

The Interpreter

Li Keqiang's profile has seemingly been elevated, but has it come at the expense of Xi Jinping? A recap of one of Zhongnanhai's most restless periods in recent memory.


How China’s Media Saw Li Keqiang’s Australian Visit

Jackson Kwok

Chinese state media coverage of the premier’s visit aimed to promote China as a champion of global free trade and open markets.

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