Carrie Lam


YouTube Blocks Account of Hong Kong’s Sole Leadership Candidate

Voice of America

John Lee was among a group of 11 top Hong Kong and Chinese government officials sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury, including current Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, for curtailing political freedoms under Beijing’s national security law.


UK Withdraws Its Judges From Hong Kong’s Top Court

Deutsche Welle

Britain said keeping its judges in Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal would “legitimize oppression” under a controversial security law in the former colony.


How Did Chinese Propaganda Force Hong Kong’s Largest Teachers Union To Disband?

Global Voices

No evidence shows that the teachers’ union has violated the national security law, but the police says it will “definitely investigate” any wrongdoings if national security matters are involved.


Hong Kong’s Public Broadcaster Is on Its Way To Become a Government Mouthpiece

Global Voices

Shows are being censored, journalists are being forced to resign, and even social media posts are being deleted.


Rhetoric or Reality? Britain’s Hong Kong Passport Offer Angers China

Voice of America

Beijing has warned that the British offer of citizenship to Hongkongers would breach the 1997 Joint Declaration. Until recently, Britain agreed with that verdict. But China’s attempt to impose the new security law appears to have changed the calculation in London.


‘A Stormy Petrel’: Hong Kong Governor John Pope Hennessy

Nicholas Haggerty

P. Kevin MacKeown's biography 'A Stormy Petrel' (City University of Hong Kong, 2020) argues for John Pope Hennessy as a character full of contradictions, bridling against his historical circumstances but never quite transcending them.


Hong Kong’s Two-Faced Identity: Prosperity and Panic

Hilton Yip

Hong Kong faces yet another challenge in the coronavirus after eight months of protests. The city is trying to retain its status as a global financial center while people struggle to secure basic goods.


Authorities in Hong Kong Struggle to Win Trust Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Interpreter

The Hong Kong government's refusal to close the border has set off a public panic. Is it overreaction – or justified?


Hong Kong Police React With Violence to Umbrella-Style Occupation

New Bloom

As demonstrators in Hong Kong flooded the streets for a peaceful protest Hong Kong sent in the riot police in an attempt to intimidate them and clear the streets using tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets.

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