‘A Stormy Petrel’: Hong Kong Governor John Pope Hennessy

Nicholas Haggerty

P. Kevin MacKeown's biography 'A Stormy Petrel' (City University of Hong Kong, 2020) argues for John Pope Hennessy as a character full of contradictions, bridling against his historical circumstances but never quite transcending them.


Singapore’s Quarrel Over Colonialism

The Interpreter

The remnants of Singapore's British colonial era run deeper than just architectural influence. Some praise the British rule while critics seek to challenge this orthodoxy.


MALAYSIA: Inside a Failed Quest to Investigate Alleged UK Colonial Crimes

The Conversation

Efforts to investigate an alleged 1948 massacre at the hands of UK soldiers fizzled out at the European Court of Human Rights.


Raffles Still Looms Large over Post-colonial Singapore

Peter Guest

The question of whether and how Singapore marks its bicentennial in 2019 throws up searching questions over its colonial and political past.


No Space for Democracy: Political Dissidence in Colonial and Contemporary Hong Kong

'Beijing may well demand that Britain refrains from interference now that China exercises control of the territory. Ultimately, Britain was equally firm in resisting Chinese intervention at the height of the Cold War.'


Re-Imagining the Formosan Flag: Taiwan's First Appeal for International Help

Shannon Lin

'The difference between the two tigers is hidden in their eyes; the obverse side has undilated pupils while the reverse has dilated ones. Researchers believe this contrast is a metaphor for day and night, symbolizing constant vigilance.'


Airbrushing Taiwan’s History: Can Japanese Colonialism Ever Be Justified?

James Baron

'Amazingly,' wrote Kaori Shoji, 'Taiwan is the one country where the Japanese imperialists managed to do more good than harm.'

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