Maritime Silk Road


HONG KONG: Why China's Greater Bay Masterplan May Not Be So Great

Stuart Heaver

The plan to unite nine Chinese cities with Hong Kong and Macau reads well on paper but innovation is about more than just pie in the sky political programs.


China's One Belt, One Road Is One Dimensional Compared with the Maritime Original

Stuart Heaver

Exploring the breadth and diversity of cultural and economic exchange enabled by the Maritime Silk Road reveals the comparative paucity of its modern-day counterpart.


Academic Assault on Xi's Policies Hints at Scaled Back Belt and Road

China Brief

Xi Jinping's Belt and Road has been subjected to a flurry of academic criticism, a sign of brewing discontent over what is seen as excessive spending on 'foreign aid'.


Saudi Arabia the Next Stop on China’s Maritime Silk Road

Micha’el Tanchum

China and Saudi Arabia's increasingly close relations signals a consequential shift in the Middle East - Asia security architecture.

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