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‘Good Eye City Guide’ Is the Ultimate Travel Guide to Taiwan

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Good Eye City Guide is a gorgeous, comprehensive guide to Taiwan. First time visitors and seasoned locals will take much away from reading.


The Muslim Experience in Taipei


Taipei Grand Mosque Imam Dr. Ibrahim Chao reflects on his life and offers guidance for Muslim travelers in Taiwan.


Drinkipedia: The Lowdown on Taiwanese Drinks


Taiwan is a beverage hub with various options to quench your thirst or satisfy your sweet tooth. Here's an overview.


Bars for One: 6 Bars for Solo Drinkers in Taipei

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Whether you need alone time or social distancing, follow this list of bars to find your quiet corner in Taipei with a good glass of cocktail.


Explore Old Taipei With These 10 Hidden Gems in Dadaocheng

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Dadaocheng is historic neighborhood that's being revived by a new breed of creatives and trendy shops. Here's our selection of secret hot spots for you.


'The Misused 2.0' Reinvents Taiwanese and Dutch Hardware Design

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Taiwan was often referred to as the “world’s hardware store," and two Taiwanese industrial designers are retaining this part of history with an annual exhibition that provokes viewers to reimagine daily objects.


Taipei Winter: Warming, Hearty, Comforting Year-End Hot Pot Gatherings


Here are some of the best hot pot places in Taipei for your cozy year-end gatherings.


The Faithful Gourmand: Enjoying Taiwanese Brunch at Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple


One of the best places to get a taste of authentic Taiwanese food? Right around the temples.


Not Another Hipster Café: Taipei’s Old-School Coffee Shops


Taipei is a coffee shop haven but it’s not only limited to the third-wave hipster cafes — there are historical ones that would bring you back in time too!


Q&A with Creator of Taipei's First Bilingual 'Design Guidebook'

Olivia Yang

'Good Eye Taipei' is a collection of 300 locations to visit in Taipei and includes features on Taiwanese society and culture.

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