Malaysian politics


MALAYSIA: Out with the Old and in with the New

The Interpreter

A massive cull of key officials left over from the previous government is underway as Prime Minister Mahathir gets down to work.


OPINION: Rampant Inequality Muddles Elections in Malaysia

New Mandala

Malaysia's ethnic, economic and cultural divides are holding back any common vision for the future as the country struggles to bridge gaping inequality.


OPINION: Barisan Nasional Election Manipulation Puts Democracy in Crisis

The Conversation

Malaysia's ruling coalition's dirty politics and gerrymandering make the administration a major part of the crisis besetting global democracy.


Malaysian NGOs Sound Warning on PM Candidates

Civil society groups are urging Malaysia's major political parties not to throw stones from within glass houses.


Malaysia, How Deep is Your Love? Support for Female Leaders Only Goes So Far

Lynda Lim.

Fatwahs have been used to silence and intimidate key women’s organizations supporting Muslim women’s rights and access to justice.


Meet the Vanguard of Malaysian Islamist Politics

In a political climate where most Islamist parties have chosen to prioritize political objectives over ideological ones, PAS has balked this trend and has become more conservative in its political posture.


Towards the Endgame for Malaysia's Najib

Edward White

'If there is an indictment in the DoJ case in the United States where Najib is named directly, then he is toast.'

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