Taiwan Deserves Better Than Modi’s Nationalism

Nicole-Ann Lobo

International solidarity is crucial in Taiwan’s struggle for autonomous recognition, but the country is unlikely to find an ally truly committed to democratic ideologies in India’s government.


Empty Gestures, Full Hospitals: India Under Covid-19 Lockdown

Nicole-Ann Lobo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invoked religious symbolism to distract from the health and economic catastrophe that awaits in India.

Colorful Asia political map with clearly labeled, separated layers. Vector illustration. — Vector by delpieroo

India-China Standoff Paves Way for Downward Spiral in Indian Ocean Tensions

David Brewster

It is quite possible that the deterioration of relations between China and India – and the mutual provocations that have gone with it – may spur China to take a more forthright naval role in Gwadar or elsewhere in the Indian Ocean.


India's Calculated Boycott of China's Belt and Road Forum

India is uneasy about Chinese designs for the region and how this challenges India’s own ‘neighborhood first’ approach.


The New India-US Foreign Policy: Dual Audiences and Track II Diplomacy

Vasabjit Banerjee

Can India use existing foreign policy channels, including behind-the-scenes Track II diplomacy, to stabilize and enhance Indo-U.S. relations?

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