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North Korea Repeatedly Complains of US ‘Spy Planes’

Deutsche Welle

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, alleged that the U.S. sent spy planes over the country’s exclusive economic zone eight times.


Experts: A Girl and Missiles Are North Korea’s Way To Perpetuate Regime

Voice of America

Analysts believe Ju Ae’s appearance is meant to let the world know Kim Jong Un’s military achievements will be transferred to successive generations to ensure the survival of his regime for years to come.


North Korea Cracks Down on ‘Capitalist’ Pop Culture

Deutsche Welle

An increase in the scale of prison and labor camps in North Korea suggests more people are falling foul of the regime’s rules on deviation from the socialist norm, analysts say.


North Korea Hints It May Resume Nuclear Tests

Deutsche Welle

North Korean state media said the country would consider restarting “suspended activities,” amid preparations for a “long-term confrontation” with the United States.


North and South Korea Reconnect Cross-border Hotline

Deutsche Welle

Pyongyang last cut off the hotline in August after joint U.S.-South Korea military drills. The move comes amid a series of weapons tests by the North.


North Korea Faces Worsening Economic Woes Amid Covid Lockdown

Voice of America

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently acknowledged food shortages, comparing situation to devastating 1990s famine.


Kim Jong Un Keeps Quiet as North Korea Turns Up Heat

Voice of America

Kim Yo Jong has become the public face of North Korea’s more aggressive stance toward the South.


Kim Jong Un's Sister Threatens Military Action Against South Korea

Deutsche Welle

Seoul has held an urgent security meeting after the latest threat of military action from Pyongyang. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said her army would "surely" take action against the South.


Who Is Kim Jong Un’s Sister?

Voice of America

Kim Yo Jong has been quite visible around Kim Jong Un in the past two years, including during high-profile meetings between leaders of the U.S. and North Korea.


North and South Korea Meet for Denuclearization Talks


The meeting was a milestone, but the Koreas are still a long way from lasting peace.

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