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Animal Crossing Movies May Be the Next Big Trend in Video Gaming

every little d

Beneath all the attention on eGamers and Twitch streams, there has been a rise in new professions within the gaming industry. In-game photographers, and video game directors are at the vanguard of the industries increasing focus on art.


Valkyries Disconnected: Chinese Authorities Pat Down Mobile Games for Violence, Obscenity

Kenrick Davis

Ministry of Culture has 50 Chinese games in its crosshairs for content that’s 'harmful to social values.'


How China's Biggest Video Game Became the Target of the Chinese Communist Party

Oiwan Lam

Chinese Communist Party media and commentators have objections to the game that go beyond its supposedly addictive nature. They are concerned about the game's storyline, which they say 'subverts Chinese history,' writes Oiwan Lam.


Video Game Taps China’s Disaffected Urban Youth

Deng Jian

Nostalgic Stardew Valley lets Chinese gamers find meaning through chopping wood and growing vegetables, writes Deng Jian.

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