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Anies Baswedan


Gay Man Speaks on Indonesian Intolerance from Jakarta Prison

Jeffrey Hutton

Growing intolerance in Indonesia is taking a human toll on gay men rounded up and prosecuted for public nudity under the country's archaic anti-pornography laws.


Jakarta Still Belongs to the Oligarchs

Amalinda Savirani

Persistent urban issues such as land, environment and spatial planning has both reflected and reproduced spatial inequality among social classes.


A Troubling Election in Jakarta

The Japan Times

Anies Baswedan must find a way to tack back to the center and govern as a traditional Indonesian politician.


Sectarian Schisms to Decide Jakarta’s Election?

Edward Aspinall

If ethnic and religious sectarian politics push Ahok’s opponent over the line, it would bode poorly for the future of Indonesia’s pluralistic democracy.

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