Endangered Species


Taiwan’s Bygone Species and Their Possible Return

Gregory McCann

Bringing extinct species back from oblivion is no easy task. But the good news is Taiwan has experience in this realm.


INDONESIA: The First Wild Sumatran Rhino Has Been Captured for Breeding


It's a key step towards saving a critically endangered species whose population may be fewer than 100.


Hanging Out with Vietnam's Critically Endangered Primates


A new video gets some enthralling footage of Vietnam's 25 primate species, eight of which are critically endangered.


India and Nepal Team up to Rescue Flooded Rhinos

Moushumi Basu

Efforts to rescue flood-swept rhinos have involved around 350 forest personnel and officials from both India and Nepal.


Dried Lizard Penis: Sold Worldwide via Amazon, Alibaba, eBay as a ‘Magical’ Plant Root

Shreya Dasgupta

Lizard penises are being passed off as a good-luck charm to unwitting customers looking to buy a rare Indian plant root called “Hatha Jodi”.


How to Save the Javan Rhinoceros

Francesco Nardelli

Critical gaps in knowledge must be filled before time runs out for the Javan rhino. The views expressed are those of the author.


Ending Puntung's Suffering: One of Malaysia’s Last Rhinos Euthanized

Isabel Esterman

Puntung, one of three Sumatran rhinos known to survive in Malaysia, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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