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Divorce as a ‘Certificate of Happiness’ in Modern China

East Asia Forum

In 2021, China introduced a 30-day “cooling off period” to curb rising divorce rates. But this has come too late and may have little impact in the long run.


Chinese Capital’s Population Declines for First Time Since 2003

Voice of America

In January, China announced it had entered an “era of negative population growth,” after figures showed a historic drop in the number of people for the first time in six decades.


China’s Three-Child Policy Is Unlikely To Be Welcomed by Working Women

The Conversation

Despite the new three-child policy, young Chinese couples in cities hesitate to have a second child. In rural China, the story is different.


Parenting China’s Adult Children

Zhang Ming

Urbanization and the one-child policy has birthed a generation of freeloaders who feel entitled to leech off their own parents.

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How Politics Influenced, and Continues to Influence Sexual Expression in China

'Contemporary research on sex in China should consider how different governing strategies and socio-economic arrangements produce particular types of sexual cultures, rather than simply reinforcing the East–West divide.'

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