Lee Ming-che


A Conversation With Lee Ming-che: ‘I Was a Human Rights Worker Doing Field Research in Chinese Prison’

Voice of America

During her visit to Taiwan, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met Lee Ming-che, a human rights activist released in April this year after five years in a Chinese prison.


ANALYSIS: Lee Ming-che's Release Is Being Complicated by Chinese Belligerence

New Bloom

Speculation that China would negotiate with the KMT for the quiet release of the Taiwanese democracy advocate feels like ancient history.


OPINION: Missing Photographer Is China's Latest Victim of Arbitrary Detention

Hilton Yip

Lu Guang, missing since Nov. 3 after traveling to Xinjiang, is the latest in an increasingly long list of forced disappearances.


OPINION: Meng Hongwei's Disappearance Reveals an Ugly Internal Truth

Yu Jie

It's a glimpse into the murky political waters where Beijing thrives at controlling outcomes – and in which Meng himself was not simply a victim.


Is China Retaliating Against Taiwan's Investigations into Its Spying?

New Bloom

China’s wild allegations of Taiwanese spying may be a direct response to Taiwan’s investigations of China’s own spy network.


Video of Human Rights Lawyer Yu Wensheng Highlights China's Abuse of Detainees

David Green

Video evidence recorded by Chinese human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng prior to his detention contradicts Chinese authorities' claims that he has voluntarily dismissed legal representation.

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