The Korean Peninsula: Why 2023 Will Not Be Like 2017

The Interpreter

With Pyongyang provoking with purpose, the temperament of the White House will determine whether there will be a a repeat of the 2017 days of “fire and fury.”


After Deadly Crowd Surge, Seoul Residents Complain of Government Negligence

Voice of America

As South Koreans try to make sense of the Itaewon tragedy, many residents say officials should have either employed a much bigger police presence or more proactive crowd control measures to ensure orderly movement.


A Foreign Policy Cheat Sheet for South Korea’s Presidential Election

The Interpreter

Liberal and conservative candidates bring distinct traits to office. But after polling day, the shackles could come off.


North and South Korea Reconnect Cross-border Hotline

Deutsche Welle

Pyongyang last cut off the hotline in August after joint U.S.-South Korea military drills. The move comes amid a series of weapons tests by the North.


A Biden Presidency and the US–South Korea Alliance

The Interpreter

Can Joe Biden, if elected, heal the rift between the two countries, or will he make it worse?


Costs of Chinese Boycotts Cut Both Ways

South Korea joins a growing list of countries suffering economic losses after making political or security decisions in the face of objections from Beijing

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