Perceptions and Trust: Chinese Views of Canada and Australia Amid Geopolitical Tensions

The Interpreter

The survey reveals that in the eyes of the Chinese public, the global influence of Canada and Australia is considerably weaker than Russia, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.


Nearly a Year Into Office, Marcos Gets Mixed Analyst Reviews

Voice of America

“We have really yet to see any major achievements, especially for the lives of the ordinary people,” said Cleve Arguelles, chief executive of WR Numero Research. Despite this, Marcos remains popular in public opinion polls, in April a report indicated that 78% of Filipinos approved of his performance.


Powerhouse: Clean Energy Transitions in the Indo-Pacific

The Interpreter

Energy security is shifting to new interdependencies based on alternate fuels and rare earths.


What the Ukraine Crisis Means for the Indo-Pacific

The Interpreter

Beijing’s support for Russia comes with downsides for the region, not least a hit to global markets.


Why There Are No Grand Alliances in Asia

East Asia Forum

A regional order that excludes one great power over the other may make sense geostrategically, but be unpalatable politically.


Taiwan and the Possibility of the Quad Plus

Sana Hashmi, Ph.D.

Including Taiwan in the Quad Plus might not be a step in the right direction. There are many other ways to facilitate Taiwan’s participation in the Indo-Pacific.


What Does Biden’s Cabinet Mean for Taiwan?

Jenny Li

With most key roles in President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration announced, a look at the main foreign policy figures in Biden's Cabinet may foretell how Washington might approach relations with Taiwan in the upcoming years.


How Asian Regionalism Could Prosper Under Trump

Troy Lee-Brown

Trump's dispute with Europe fuels doubts about the future of the East Asian regional order. Is the Indo-Pacific concept a viable option to complement or perhaps even help salvage the broader Asian regional project?

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