The Errors of Nato’s East Asia Engagement

East Asia Forum

NATO's engagement in East Asia to counter China's influence is seen as a misguided and potentially dangerous strategy that could increase tensions and bind China and Russia together.


In Taiwan, Liz Truss Calls For ‘Economic NATO’ to Counter China

TNL Staff

She also recommended the immediate closure of Confucius Institutes in the U.K., which could be replaced by institutions from Hong Kong and Taiwan.


What Does China Want in Ukraine?

The Interpreter

Beijing has reservations about Putin’s war, but seeing Moscow take a beating is not in China’s interests.


China Urges Russia-Ukraine Cease-fire and Peace Talks

Deutsche Welle

China’s 12-point position paper on the war in Ukraine comes amid Western accusations Beijing is considering supplying arms to Russia. Western leaders have questioned Beijing’s willingness to mediate and its credibility as a mediator.


Mediating the Russia–Ukraine War a Risky Role for China

East Asia Forum

The war brings Beijing not only losses but gains — greater internationalization of the renminbi, cheaper energy, and a reduction of the U.S. focus on the Indo-Pacific.


Why North Korea Is Denying Its Involvement in Russia’s War in Ukraine

The Interpreter

Pyongyang appears to be a reluctant participant in Putin’s brutal offensive in Eastern Europe.


Why South Korea’s President Is Talking About Nuclear Weapons

Voice of America

Yoon could be using the issue to send a tough message to North Korea, but it could be counterproductive, analysts say.


Japan Steps Closer to Global Military Power

East Asia Forum

The loosening of arms exports controls and proposed increase of the national defense budget to 2% of GDP over time signal paradigmatic shifts in Japan’s security posture.


Dignity at the Margins: Exploring Kosovo Through a Taiwanese Lens

Anthony Kao

Like Taiwan, Kosovo is a partially recognized country—but what does that mean for everyday life? When statehood falls into question, the mundane becomes less so.


South Korea Returns to Nuclear Power’s Warm Embrace

Deutsche Welle

President Yoon Suk-yeol is going all in on nuclear power, both at home and abroad, marking a shift from his predecessor’s undecided approach.

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