Want to Understand the US-China Trade War? Turn Back the Clock to 1784

Stuart Heaver

Trade tensions between the US and China have roots in 18th century tea tariffs and opium clippers.


How the Meng Wanzhou Case Imperils the US Commitment to 'Rule of Law'

East Asia Forum

As US-China trade negotiations continue in Beijing, it's hard not to feel like Meng is being leveraged as a 'bargaining chip' – after all, Donald Trump has admitted as much.


How will Trump and Xi Approach Trade Issues?

David Dollar

The United States does not have much leverage to push China to open up.


How Can Xi Get Along with Trump?

Zha Daojiong

For the two countries then — and the wider Asia Pacific region — an un-eventful meet-up is going to be a successful one.

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