Chinese nationalism


Beijing’s “Wolf Warriors” Score Own Goals

The Interpreter

An online spat over the origins of kimchi shows the Chinese Communist Party has made people at home hungry for news of China’s dominance.


History Is ‘China’s Most Important Psychological Tool’

Deutsche Welle

China is widely regarded as a millennia-old nation-state, but this is a misconception, journalist Bill Hayton claims in his new book.


‘Rat Tribe’: Propping up a Slumless Beijing and the ‘Chinese Dream’

TNL Feature

Beijing appears to be a city without slums. The "Chinese dream" appears to be in reach. But both are illusions propped up by an underclass of workers called the "rat tribe."


ANALYSIS: The Rise of China's Anti-Foreigner Commercial Nationalism

Asia Dialogue

China has greenlighted a flurry of movies and TV series with nationalist, anti-foreigner themes. The ratings and box office numbers suggest that domestic audiences are gobbling them up.


The Coming Clash of Chinese and Western Nationalism

Zha Wen

Efforts to thwart the spread of globalization will only make Chinese patriots more aggressive.

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