Indigenous land rights


INDONESIA: Indie Film Festival Acts as a Lens Into Indigenous Papua

Global Voices

A new indie film festival gives a deeper look into the hardships and triumphs of Papua's indigenous amid ongoing land disputes and conflict with Jakarta.


Questioning Tsai's Sincerity over Indigenous Land Rights

Scott Simon

'Only time will tell if the DPP government is merely cultivating its own local supporters, or is sincere about recognizing indigenous sovereignty,' writes Simon Scott.

蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen 原住民

Lin Fei-fan: On 228, I Choose to Stand with Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples

Lin Fei-fan

'228 is an important historical event for every Taiwanese who lived under the oppression of the party-state system and does not distinguish between ethnic groups. But the 400 years of oppression experienced by Taiwan’s indigenous peoples is still poorly understood and rarely discussed.'

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